Friday, February 11, 2011

Fuck it. Ratings are back...

So yeah, I have been thinking and agonizing over this. I am bringing the ratings back but i am doing a 1-5 scoring system. So just like Netflix you get:

5 - Really fucking good. Exceptional and exceeded expectations. Kill a man to own this.

4 - Great! Very pleased with this one. Excellent release. Seek it out.

3 - Totally solid. A complaint here or there but generally good and worth picking up.

2 - Not my thing. Fell a bit shy of the mark. Needs work. More cons than pros.

1 - Not good. Pissed at it's existence. Dogshit.

Or something like that. You get the idea. I wouldn't apply all those descriptions to a release that gets a 4 or 5 or whatever but you get the sentiment. Now I gotta go score everything. I will also bring back the tags to make it easier to sort releases by their scores.

I also limited the amount of posts per page at 25. That should help load things quicker and now that there are over 50 reviews on here you would have to go back to older posts anyhow.

thanks for the feedback!

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