Friday, January 28, 2011

Sports "the grimmisphe; black note sage: 001.101706"

the grimmisphe; black note saga: 001.101706
Deathsmile Records

Sports have always seemed a bit tongue in cheek to me. Their name, knock off Darkthrone logo and this search for the "Black Note" thing; it all seems to add up to parody. I think that must be designed to disarm the listener though. A manipulation to make you think these guys are total jokers so when they do decide to do what they do it hits you that much harder. The thing is that their sound is crushing. Harsh and piercing feedback over beautiful stuttered chords that evolve into heavy, twisted waves of feedback and super down tuned guitars. They don't linger on a note or chords for long periods of time. They work in constantly moving parts between the three players. Ultimately very grim and heavy. Highly recommended. It really does seem like Sports are searching for something musically. Maybe they really do have an idea about how to find the "Black Note"; and although I am not sure what it is but i am pretty sure it's dorky.

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