Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sequences/Isolated Existence "graminaea/poaceae"

Sequences/Isolated Existence
self released

I was a little blow away with this release. I was shocked I had not heard of either of these artists until now as this work is so professional and has such great focus that they must have both been producing sounds for quite some time. Sequences (who i think i responsible for the release as well) starts the a side with some just crushingly melancholy soundscapes. Ambient, subtle and dark; I could almost compare it to Andrew Chaulk meets Oakeater but it's much more morose than either. Almost barely there at times. It sounds like weeping eternity. I could listen to this forever. The b side holds Isolated Existence. The name is very appropriate for this singular, haunting sound. It's very similar aurally to Sequences but replace the sadness with anxiety. A constant high tone that wavers and falters but never falls down. Reminds me of John Carpenter's soundtrack work for The Thing but a bit more up to date. Isolated Existence causes the pit of your stomach to blacken slightly and may actually hurt your soul a little. The packaging is very clean and professional. Nice minimal design and oddly there is also a small plastic bag full of grass. Or what appears to be grass I am not 100% sure. I am tempted to smoke it but I think those days are behind me. I have picked a few releases in my days that were packaged with drugs but I think the addition of the fauna is this is purely artistic. I think all you need to enjoy this music is the understanding that you will die and it won't really matter. Unfortunately, there are only 100 copies of this excellent release. They do offer a digital download (although it appears to only be the Sequences track) to anyone who buys one so i assume the audio will travel around a bit but until this sees the light of day as vinyl I think the world will be left wanting.


  1. Having trouble hunting information on this one. Any contact address?

  2. Here you go;

  3. Thank you for this review, I feel truly honoured.
    It's a bag with "regular" dried grass, which is meant to strengthen the concept of the release.

  4. Thank you for your assistance.

  5. Sequences "Vespertine..." release was SOLID; I ordered this and I am looking forward to hearing it.

  6. CD version now available. Comes with exclusive collab. track.