Friday, January 28, 2011

Putrid Brew "from the valley"

Putrid Brew
from the valley
Mind Melt Enterprises

Pretty straight forward hardcore from this Canadian band. Their myspace page defines them as black metal but there is nothing even remotely black metal about this band. They may be straight edge, they may all be vegan, they may all wear basketball jerseys but they are not black metal. There is nothing wrong with not being black metal, depending on the band that could be considered a pretty good thing, but if you are labeling yourself that to be either funny or hip then you are failing. Musically this reminds me a lot the first Integrity 7" or maybe even their Harder They Fall demo cassette. Metallic and sounding very, very 1990. When they are playing real fast it's not bad. Intense and pissed, but when the break downs start to pepper the songs it loses something. Those "mosh parts" suffer greatly from that early 90's funky hardcore breakdown thing that has not aged very well. I think there is some identity issues with this band that could use some sorting out. Some parts are too metal while others are just too 90's throwback. These guys are obviously pretty good players but i think they are just missing some intensity and originality. My biggest complaint is the recording though. I think honestly there is an issue with the production. Vocals are way too loud and need something; compression, distortion or maybe some reverb. Just something to thicken them up. The guitars are way too quiet and the drums sound super flat. I would like to see where these guys go next. I think there is some potential but it was kinda hard to find it in this cassette.

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