Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dysmal Abyss "born to be born again"

Dysmal Abyss
born to be born again
Lighten Up Sounds

So when I first put this in I was not into it. I wasn't into the playing, the audio quality or even the sounds. I thought it sounded a bit amateur. It sat in my pile for a few more days until i was ready to listen to the whole thing for a real review. So when I revisited this I was surprised if not a bit confused. It was definitely the same band but I found it way more enjoyable. I had to double check and make sure it was the same cassette. All of a sudden it stopped sounding amateur and sounded beautifully raw. I started to really hear the players working off each other. the audio sounds like it was recorded on a four track in a small old basement but it has so much dirt, grime and ultimately soul to it. The playing is loose but concise. I was pretty pleased. To be honest I did find out that throughout the six tracks there were some rough patches. A few moments where the cacophony became… well… just noise. Not always in a good way. With that said I think that there is a mountain of potential for these players and this cassette is well worth checking out. The packaging is very nice; right up my alley really. Handmade and it looks it but it's got screened covers and a small booklet included inside. This is from an edition of 100 copies and the label should still have a few laying around. If you are feel like really committing you should pick up the 12" lathe cut version of this cassette from the label. Limited to 30 copies and totally affordable.

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