Sunday, January 9, 2011

Krister Bergman "order of the 36"

Krister Bergman
order of the 36
Lighten Up Sounds

This is pretty fucking punishing. Waves of harsh, splintering noise over the top of a pulsing rhythmic grinding. Sudden interruptions of synth waves amongst the maelstrom. This whole cassette causes almost primal anxiety in the listener and it's fucking fantastic. My favorite part of this whole thing is how the whole thing clips throughout. I think if it had been my record I would have controlled that with some compression or even getting it mastered but this thing doesn't give a shit. You know how sometimes a club that doesn't usually do noise puts on a show and you get to spend the whole night watching the poor sound guy shit himself as the speakers and power amps are pushed to the extreme? This is the stuff of sounds guy nightmares. Heavy, brutal and literally destructive. Nice layout again from Lighten Up Sounds. I am going to keep my eye on this label. I like the way they work.

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