Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Emeralds & Dilloway "under pressure"

Emeralds & Dilloway
under pressure
Hanson Records

By now you have all heard at least one Emeralds record and you should consider yourself healthier for it. I am a big fan of Emeralds. The comparisons to Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schultz are always a little apparent but it goes way beyond that. They build an emotional connection to the listener that I think those other artists never sought and often never gained. Emerald's music always seems to be developing while you listen to it. With the addition of Aaron Dilloway on this cassette you really get the feeling that you are hearing something brand new evolve in your ears. My only real complaint is that it is not long enough. Layers of Dilloway's loops and Emeralds synth explorations are fantastic but there are pretty long dead spaces at the end of each side. I am really only complaining because i feel like they could have filled those couple minutes with something great. In reality this cassette is twice as long as your average Hanson release. So i guess i have nothing to complain about. Fuck it. It's a great release.

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