Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Josh Hydeman "bloodletting"

Josh Hydeman
Slave Records

The second excellent release from Slave Records. This is from Portland's Josh Hydeman and it's a very impressive cassette. I feel like sometimes people release something on cassette because they feel like the audio is good but not cd or vinyl worthy. Like they are showing off a sketchbook as opposed to a finished painting. To be honest I think that is fine. I love sketches, ideas, experiments. It's kinda what this music is all about but this release goes far beyond that. These are focused finished pieces of beautiful drone, heavily textured with synth sine waves and swells. There is a sound that really captures Portland in this cassette. Maybe I listen to a lot of stuff from Portland but I think there is something here that resonates from that city. Like a signature. I hope this gets released again. There is only 66 copies and I don't know if any are left at this point. Good luck.

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