Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Temple of Set cs

Temple of Set
Cult of Craft

A harrowing nightmare of feedback being blasted through an air vent from miles away. This sounds like horror. A distant howling horror that will make it's way to you. I like it. It's heavy on the delay and fuzz in a way that reminds me of some early heavy noise doom stuff. Maybe a little BSBC (arguably the best thing in doom/noise in the past decade) and maybe a little Deaththroes. It's killer. 

     It looks pretty cool. The tape is actually tied into it's j card by these black ribbons and the j card goes all the way around. It doesn't have a case but instead has this weird mismatched plastic bag. That is my only real issue with this one. Still it's a good one. 

     If I saw this, with it's weird plastic bag that is too big, on a merch table I would pass it by but I would be missing out. 

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