Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ehnahre "Old Earth" cd

Old Earth
Crucial Blast

I really miss Mare. They were by far, the best thing that came out of Hydrahead in the last decade or so. Interesting, complex, emotional heaviness that just perplexed me when I tried to reverse engineer their songs. I figured I had that one EP from them and that was it… and it was. THere were other bands that did what they did before and after them but none really hit me in a way that blew me away like that. Then this record comes along. It's not exactly the same and the comparison isn't exactly fair but this band has full control over the amazing music they make in a very similar way and I am totally perplexed in the same way. Doom, jazz, free improvisation blackened vocals, cellos, and seriously heavy riffs that barely exist in this world are completely destroying me right now. There are moments that actually remind me of my favorite band of all time, Craw. This record feels almost like it was made for me. 

      It looks okay. I'm not really into the layout or the dirt photos on the cover. It looks kinda like a "gritty" mood board that they decided to just through some text over. It's fine but it's not really impressing me nearly as much as the music is. 

      I would very much buy this.

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  1. In my top 10 of the year. Don't get the Mare comparison, but hey what can you do? Peter Brotzmann meets doom death metal. Nobody sounds like these guys. Unfortunate packaging care of Crucial Blast...