Friday, October 5, 2012

Locrian & Mamiffer "Bless Them That Curse You" cs/cd/lp

Locrian & Mamiffer
Bless Them That Curse You
Siege, Profound Lore, Utech

Normally when I review something for this shit I get the overwhelming feeling that the person who made it is really mad at me. Instead of yelling at me about whatever I did to piss them off, like a fucking adult, ragebeard sends me a really passive aggressive voicemail that sounds suspiciously like two cats raping a toaster. 

     Not so with this one. Locrian and Mamiffer, “Bless Them that Curse You”. This record sounds just sounds like some chill smart dudes who just want to tell me ghost stories. Atmospheric and pretty out the balls, this thing fucking rules. When drums come, and they will come, your shitty work cubicle starts to feel carcinogenic and more like being stoned at an ent’s grave. Seriously, I know you’ve all already bought this, well, I hope so, but even if you have, listen to it again, because you know I’m right.

     Aesthetically I thought this thing was a CD, turns out it’s just a really pretty tape package. Would I buy this? Of fucking course I would, twice. Goddamn I love Locrian. (RS)

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  1. Is this the one that was in the 5" tape reel box? Such a good look.