Friday, October 19, 2012

Hheva // Shiver split cs

Hheva // Shiver
Troubled Sleep

Two dark and sorrowful tracks haunt this cassette. Hheva play a track that honestly sound like ghosts of ancient aliens whispering warnings to you in a language you cannot comprehend. It scary and beautiful at the same time. Shiver do another anxiety ridden synth heavy track that fells like you are waiting for torture. It's kinda freaky. There are some samples that I kinda hate but most of the samples are in a foreign language so it doesn't totally pull me out of the music. Shiver's last release I reviewed was so good that I forgive a sample here and there but I am still not a fan.

     It looks pretty simple. Kinda forgettable but i really appreciate the brittle, rough paper DZPM likes to use. It feels and looks so old that you almost feel like you are discovering this tape under the floorboards of a condemned house.

     I would probably pick this up based on the label's track record alone, but it's not a grand slam. 

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