Wednesday, October 10, 2012

No Monster Club "Posthumous Hits" cs

No Monster Club
Posthumous Hits
Already Dead Tapes

Wow. This is maybe the most surprising audio reveal for me. No Monster Club is not the kind of band I thought it would be. From the tape artwork and photo on the back I was thinking either NOFX type thing or maybe at best something akin to Dinosaur Jr. I was pretty wrong. This is way closer to The Kinks, Beach Boys, Captain Beefheart, and more contemporary comparisons like Ariel Pink, (early) Animal Collective and The Fall-outs. I know that is a wide comparison with a lot of disparate bands but this has a lot of interesting garage and psychedelic comparisons. If you have a music snob coming over, play this and they're mind will be blown. It's good. Very good. 

     I was a little thrown off by the cover artwork though. It looks like a 1990's garage band cover that would have been on Esterus Records. Comic Book style drawings and live photos in a tiny box. It is something I would have never bothered with.

     After hearing the first track I would buy one. Absolutely. 

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