Saturday, October 13, 2012

Divine Shell // False Flag split cs

Divine Shell // False Flag
Split cs
Rainbow Bridge

I had to borrow this image because I can't find this awesome tape in this  pile. Thanks Justin.

Rainbow Bridge is one of those awesome labels that has a constant output of excellent cassettes and cdrs. Less cdrs though these days. I don't know why people aren't that into them anymore. I think they are such a dead format that they kinda rule more now. Up there with 3.5" diskettes really… Anyhow, This split from Divine Shell and False Flag is a excellent example of Rainbow Bridges work. Simple packaging and stamped tapes always look great. Divine Shell starts with a huge noisy drone that sounds like a million broken Baldwin Fun Machines being played by a million Brian Enos with one distortion pedal connecting them all. It's great! False Flag (a term I just learned) does this excellent drone with lots of vocals and static smeared over the top. This is a killer split from a killer label.

     It looks cool. Overly simple and slightly naive in a 1980's educational sort of way. I really like the looks of this. Limited to only 20 copies. Damn.

     Yeah, I would. 

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