Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pregnant Spore "death panels" cs

Pregnant Spore
death panels
Danvers State Recordings

Danvers State Recordings is a label to keep an eye on. So far everything I have heard from them has been very well done. Death Panels by Pregnant Spore from Baltimore's Justin Marc LLoyd is no exception. Dark and spaced out drones that have enough hell and anxiety in them to instill a palpable fear. Slow motion explosions or maybe a faraway earthquake comes to mind. The sounds on the cassette also somehow seem to be coming from a long time ago. Like a cassette you may have found in a time capsule or maybe under a piece of plywood in the forest. I have no idea how Mr. LLoyd was able to achieve this but it sounds amazing and really adds to a subtle uneasiness. Awesome release. Limited to 50 copies. Crucial.


  1. as far as how i achieved the sounds... lots of distortion pedals in feedback loops to create tones, then putting effects on them. also, there was a lot of cassette playing in slow motion on this recording, cassettes i recorded myself of random things... wind, wind chimes, and even some guitar. :) i am glad this release made you uncomfortable :)