Friday, April 8, 2011

Cathartech "Apis" 3"cdr

Sonic Munitions

Somehow this slipped through the cracks in my reviewing. I had meant to post this a couple months back so I apologize about that. I would hate to have you have missed out on this one. Two tracks using bees as source material and analog synths. Both excellent examples of AJ Lindner's brand of drone. Recorded live earlier this year and definitely showcases the skill and restraint of the artist. I know that it can be hard for everyone to play 3"cdrs these days (you need a cd player with a tray. no laptops) but I really find this format attractive and always worth it. The size is nice but the limited space usually means that when you are recording for one you really need to be disciplined with your work. Aj Lindner makes excellent use of this format. Grab this if you can here.

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