Friday, January 23, 2015

Wreckmeister Harmonies—Volume one cd/dvd

Wreckmeister Harmonies
Volume one cd/dvd

The case is a little beat up as I listened to this a lot in my car.

I played with Wreckmeister Harmonies about a year ago and I was totally impressed. Huge sweeping guitar drones performed completely live through my half stacks. It was great. Musically this cd is a little different. Apparently he curated some sound performances in various museum lobbies around the globe and I believe this is audio from that. I'm not sure if what i am hearing is the audio of people listening to what he is doing combined with pre-recorded studio music or if he played the studio tracks in the museums or what… it's a little confusing but the music is great. The field recording parts really explore the depth of the rooms and paint a beautiful picture in your mind. The studio parts are this free form jazz/drone piece that ends in some of the most beautiful and powerful moments. It's well worth hearing. The Dvd is subtle. With no real menu to speak of you aren't sure what you are getting. It ends up being long shots of East coast and West coast locations backed with some interesting audio. 

It looks fine. Images from the recordings with some type that is acceptable. It doesn't quite convey what you will get inside but there isn't anything particularly wrong with it. 

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