Saturday, January 31, 2015

En Nihil/Filth—Black Earth cs

En Nihil/Filth
Black Earth
Out of Body Records

En Nihil and Filth are both super heavy, brutal dark industrial goodness but also totally different. I've been enjoying both of their work for awhile and this cassette is no exception. I think for me the stand out is the very beginning of the En Nihil track. It sounds like a monster is coming to get you. Seriously. It's legitimately scary music and I feel like a terrible father for letting my daughter hear this. 

The tape is by Out of Body Records so it has that look. I really appreciate the uniform look to all their cassettes. I think the overall design of all of their tapes could use some tweaking but at this point they are locked in so I don't even really feel like saying much else. It's not bad but it could be better… Although, that can be applied to every single thing ever made by anyone ever. 

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