Friday, January 23, 2015

B. A. Johnston—My Heart is a Blinking Nintendo cs

B. A. Johnston
My Heart is a Blinking Nintendo
Black Top Records

This is adorable with a capital A. The first song is great and I thought I was pretty hooked right away but as it goes on I started to loose interest. I think if this was 5 songs instead of 19 I would be asking for more but it just kinda drags itself down with how cute and ironic it is. It's just too on the nose. Songs about Dungeons and Dragons, a song about having a deep fryer next to your bed, another song with a deep fryer, old nintendo games… It's all a little too precious for me. I think if this had the brutal and tragic honesty of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone it would be one of my favorite albums because B.A. has the skills for song writing and his execution is great. I just want to hear something from him and not from what he thinks a roomful of his best friends will chuckle at. 

The art on the cover is pretty cute and it it goes well with the music. Unfortunately the type is just not being used well at all. It could stand a redesign. 

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