Saturday, January 31, 2015

Marcus Rubio—Land of Disenfranchisement cs

Marcus Rubio
Land of Disenfranchisement
Already Dead Tapes

This little slice of disparate noise-pop was not what I was expecting. It's pretty lovely and in very different ways. The first track sounds like Sigur Ros a little but less…foreign? Then a track that could have been the best thing Belle and Sebastian eve recorded hits next followed by something that could be off a Unicorns record. Is this guy from the Unicorns? I'll have to check. 

Ok, no it doesn't look like he was but this guy is pretty famous. I guess I should have known that but I didn't. I know more about guys who fill cassette cases with blood and dirt and slap a label over it more than I know about young award-winning composers. Anyway, this is pretty good. I can see why people dig this. I know my wife will love this. 

It looks nice. It's a solid layout with good typography. Not really my thing, but nor is the music, and I can't deny that either are anything but really, really good. Solid. 

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