Saturday, January 31, 2015

Swamp Horse/Husere Grav split cs

Swamp Horse/Husere Grav
Existential Cloth Recordings

Swamp Horse is one of the side projects of Josh Lay and I guess when I say that I am not really sure what the main project would be. Glass Coffin is so good I sorta think everything else would be the side project… How about I just say it's one of the many projects of Josh Lay? Swamp Horse is strange. Lo-fi, rough, naive hardcore with these contrasting droning electronic tones and noises that elevates the whole project. It's totally weird and totally great. Husere Grav was introduced to me through one of Joe Beres' Small Doses 3" cds. It was great and I kept an eye peeled for that… Side note, Does Joe still do Small Doses? He was going to do a 3" for me a couple years ago and a book of artwork by me with an introduction by Stephen O'Malley… Hmm. I kinda dropped the ball on those. I suck. Anyhow, Husere Grav have two moments on this that really stand out. There is this oppressive wall of tone that starts this and moves until a small and precious guitar layer finds it's way out and leaves with one of those it's-okay-I'm-going-to-die feelings. 

The tape itself is laid out fine. Super simple and clean. I'm into it. Nothing much to say other than I do like these simple punk-rock layouts. It usually always works. 

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