Friday, January 23, 2015

Church Dweller/Hadals/Void En Vogue/Winter Ritual—4 way split cs

Church Dweller/Hadals/Void En Vogue/Winter Ritual
4 way split
Tapes of a Neon God

The rule with Tapes of a Neon God release is this. Just buy it. It's always good. Anderson (Hadals, Pornography) seems to know a lot of very talented people that love to make some real chaos happen. This is one of those rare noise splits where every act sounds totally brutal and intense but also completely different and unique from each other. As much as I love four tracks of indecipherable HNW, this is a killer example of some disparate audio fuckery. 

As with most all the other tapes from TOANG, this looks great. Good type treatments and nice fucked up artwork. I'm a fan. 

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