Sunday, April 29, 2012

En Nihil/Gnawed "The Fall of Humanity" cs

En Nihil/Gnawed
The Fall of Humanity
Nil By Mouth

More awesome HNW from En Nihil on the first side of this split. Heavy spinning noise that almost retreats and attacks over and over. This could be what is going on in the mind of one of those horrible monster things from The Mist. It's dark and fearful and full of hatred. It's like mother's milk. It's nice to hear something so grim from the same town that produced Strife. Gnawed takes it's own horrific destruction a lot slower. Industrial sounding loops of machinery and gloom rhythmically plod while heavily effected vocals add just enough texture and terror. It's pretty scary. 
     The packaging of this is pretty much turned up to 11. A regular j card in a case that is then packaged in a grey plastic bag with a sticker on the cover that has a nail driven through and affixed there. It's totally 90's in it's idea but it's pretty rad. The j card itself is not the best type treatment. In fact it's kind of a mess. I think the designer had an issue dealing with both bands logos and I think this is one of those cases that ignoring a logo for the sake of the overall design would have been a good move. I enjoy logos but you have to get away from them from time to time as well or else you are pretty much the artist formally know as… 
     Would I buy this? Yeah. I wouldn't be able to help myself based on the packaging alone. 

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