Sunday, April 8, 2012


In the next few weeks you will start noticing some changes on Dead Formats. I will be revamping some of the ways that the blog looks. I will be adding a logo, trying to mess with the type a bit more.

I will also be removing the number scores.

The numbers I’ve been giving have often had less to do with the quality of the release, and more my enthusiasm level for the release. In other words it hasn't really been a critique and this has been more of a page to hype releases. I know that's not a bad thing necessarily--Hammer Smashed Sound is a great blog that basically does little write-ups for upcoming releases and that works great--but that is not really where I am trying to take this. I feel that I have been trying to have the best of both worlds. Trying to be critical of releases while at the same time not allowing the scores to reflect that criticism.

I have decided to take a suggestion from a friend and basically give each review an up or down. Each review will have the question at the end: Would I buy this? I will answer this after each review and try to explain my reasoning.

The last little bit of change will be the frequency of posts. Instead of posting 13-15 reviews one day and then nothing for a week and half, I plan on having something much closer to one a day so you’ll have a reason to check back more often and won’t be as torn on which review to disagree with most.

Thanks so much for reading my questionable writings. I really appreciate it and also love the feedback I get from time to time. A huge thanks to the artists and labels that send in items for review as well. I know none of us make any money off these endeavors and we often make only a handful of copies, so sending one to some fat idiot to hear whether or not he would spend money on it can sometimes be hard to justify. Just know that everyone making cassettes, cdrs, vinyl, flash drives, floppy disks or whatever is keeping this whole thing alive.

Actually getting your shit together and making something in the first place is hugely commendable.

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  1. I'll love this blog no matter you do with it, Demian, because I've always found your opinions to be highly valuable. You've got great taste, and I don't think your writing is questionable at all. You don't sound like a music critic - and that is the best compliment that I could give anyone doing what we do.

    Thanks for the shout to Hammer Smashed Sound too. Glad you dig what we're doing over there.