Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Churchburners "Already Done Did" cs

Already Done Did
Friends and Relatives Records

Churchburners is the solo work of Zach Ippen and this cassette is a collection of many tracks from a ton of different releases. It's a totally varied sampling of his spaced out work. Some noise, some folk, some strange spoken word stuff and all of it is very strange. It's not really my thing. I know a few friends that would be way into this but this though and you may as well. It's weirdo music for weirdos and I heavily respect that. The spoken word tracks are probably my least favorite but the most interesting. Zach Ippen does what he does very well but it's ultimately not my bag.

     The tape itself really works with Churchburners aesthetic though. Reclaimed cassettes that they had the good taste to put labels over and simple double sided j cards. Nothing too amazing but pretty solid.

     Would I buy this? no. 

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