Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cold Lake "Better Living ep/The Red Tape" 2xcs

Cold Lake
Better Living ep/The Red Tape 2xcs
Trench Art Records

Holy shit. I have seen Cold Lake live and it's always awesome but this is like having a microscope on that awesomeness. Cold Lake is heavy, noisy hardcore/rock in the style of Black Flag and Scratch Acid. Screamy vocals, super noisy guitars and very heavy bass are driven by intense hardcore drumming and it all works perfectly. You will hear a few Gravity Records influences here and there and of course a cover of Body Count's "Cop Killer". So yeah. Fuck the Police.
     The packaging and cassettes were obviously manufactured by National Audio Company. I love them, but I wish they took slightly less than 3 months to get my tapes back to me. That might not seem bad but it used to be 14 business days. I guess the cassette revival is swamping them. Good. That artwork is a huge array of icons from clip art, Tom of Finland and various other sources. Reminds me a little of the 1990's in the best possible way. The type is fine but what I really notice with this packaging is the care put into it. Not only is the cover nicely designed and printed but a lyric sheet and a tiny poster are also included inside the double cassette box along with a Cold Lake box cutter and a couple buttons. It's very fucking cool. Not sure how many were made but you should order one right away. UPDATE: There are only 100. Good luck. 

      Would I buy this? Absolutely.