Tuesday, November 8, 2016

San Kazakgascar—Twice-Baked Coma cs

San Kazakgascar
Twice-Baked Coma
Lather Records

Yes!!!! Talk about a journey. Middle Eastern influenced psychedelic rock that lives somewhere in the same part of my brain as Master Musicians of Jajouka (and Bukkake). I don’t know much about this artist or even this genre exactly but I love it. When I was younger I might have said :ugh, I hate world music” but this is something totally different. You know when you’ve taken a ton of mushrooms for the first time but you are also being chased by cops in a country you don’t understand? This is what that sounds like.

Tape is cool. Looks good, Appropriate design, type treatments and all that. Not super exciting but it’s fine. It’s a solid little package.

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