Sunday, February 3, 2013

V/A "Seance" 2xcs / Videodrome VHS

Various Artists
Worthless Recordings

This is a beast. About 100 minutes of some of the best artists in Noise, HNW and Power Electonics. This would be the perfect introduction to contemporary extreme experimental "music". In fact you should probably pick this up for yourself, of course, but also for that friend who told you they were getting into cassettes again but keeps buying forgettable indie nonsense. Tapes are wonderful but they are less of a format for the sounds and more of a compliment. Anyhow, enough of that before I start rambling… This is full of amazing acts so pick it up. 

     It looks killer, two inserts inside one of those weird double cassette norelco boxes. The kind that used to hold live Iron Maiden cassettes. It's good...


          Josh Lay 
          Skin Graft
          Flesh Coffin
          Ghoul Detail
          Luasa Raelon
          Winters in Osaka
          A Snake in the Garden
          Persistence in Mourning

In fact here is a little youtube ad for you:

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I should also mention that as far as excellent compilations go Worthless Recordings released as awesome VHS video comp last year titled Videodrome. Again, amazing contemporary experimental artists but this time you get visual interpretations as well. If you own a VCR you owe yourself this one as well.

Again, a youtube preview for you:

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