Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fungal Abyss "Transonic Migration" cs

Fungal Abyss
Transonic Migration
Triangle Tapes

This is one hell of a way to end my recent illness. A psychedelic journey, bouncing off clashing, crashing and contrasting waves of guitars, holding on for dear life to a three piece rhythm section and finding myself basically baptized in a giant green fireball. Fungal Abyss, which is basically the band Lesbian, with Nathan Smurthwaite (Abodox) and various stand in musicians and vocalists, has been cutting a swath across Seattle's psyche for a few years now. This cassette is an excellent example of how these players can improvise huge epic pieces that never feel too self indulgent. These conductors are still aware that this train has passengers. It's awesome and hugely impressive. This recordings features extra percussion by Sam Yoder. 

     It looks awesome. It's packaged in one of those oversized Norelco style cases with a clear tape that has little green reels. The artwork and design are done by the illustrious Andrew Crawshaw doing what he does best which is this seamless photo collage thing that is very impressive and appropriate. 

So stoked to have this. 

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