Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sujo "Repent" cdr

Inam Records

Sujo is the work of a very talented man by the name of Ryan Huber. I say very talented because this album, while remaining cohesive, is so varied and interesting that I am not sure what part to be more jealous of. The song writing, the guitar playing, the programming, the sound in general.Musically it exists in a drone and post rock world, similar to Nadja and Pyramids. I would say fans of these two acts will find Sujo on their short list of bands to own everything by. I am very glad to have found this one. I am a fan. 

     This looks fucking great. Translucent vellum cover and a full color insert house a stamped cdr. It's very attractive and professional but obviously made inexpensively. Obviously designed by someone who can solve problems visually. This is what you guys need to strive for in packaging. 

Buy this. 

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