Thursday, February 21, 2013

Compoundead "Cutting your Certainty" cdr

Cutting your Certainty

This drone record is all about the textures and your feeling on this is how you feel about textures. For me the first two tracks are subtle, gorgeous collections of tones and grinding textures. Maybe there is some bass in there, maybe some synths but it's very well done. The third track is a little over the top and doesn't work quite as well for me but it;s still pretty good. It just doesn't feel enough like either a compliment or a contrast to the other tracks. it feels like a different project all together. Still not bad.

     It's simply put together but it's quite nice. I am all about the black and white layouts and this is another one from Sincope that works pretty well. Visually it utilizes textures as well and in that was it works. Simple use of helvetica in a vey loose grid. Maybe the text could be tighter in it's grid but I still think it's pretty solid.

Fans of dark grating drone, this is for you. 

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