Thursday, February 14, 2013

Japanese Women "Quality Control" cs

Japanese Women
Quality Control
Tapes of a Neon God

Another god damn perfect album from Japanese Women. Purveyors of something called Dankwave and making music that makes me fucking jealous. This is dirty, harsh, heavy, noisy intensity–the kind of music Converge might have played if they had started out drinking gasoline instead of putting x's on their hands. I think the closest comparisons might fall somewhere between Black Flag, Infest, Converge, Akimbo and the Locust but I would say this is heavier, noisier, more raw, more intense and less goofy… perspectively. Japanese Women need to get in a van and only stop touring when they have decided they hate seeing each other. They owe it to this shitty, shitty musical landscape of ours to help fix us, or ruin us.

     It looks crazy. Just like the music. It's a big foldout j card with a comic of sorts drawn on it. It's super weird but hopefully they will make shirts with this scrawling all over them. 

Buy immediately. 

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