Friday, January 4, 2013

The Black Scorpio Underground/Werewolf Jerusalem split 12"

The Black Scorpio Underground/Werewolf Jerusalem
split 12"
Husk records

Very strange and unnerving. I don't think I have actually heard The Black Scorpio Underground before this but it is a damn fine hunk of off-putting doom and swirling hell. Peppered with desperate sounding vocals and harsh drones you will find yourself a bit nervous listening to this one. Werewolf Jerusalem, besides having the world's toughest name, is always good and this is no exception. Super harsh and cutting noise that slowly moves up and down the terror scale of intensity. What a weird thing to write…  

     It's a pretty simple layout and I am not in love with how the text on the back was handled. It's not bad but it's kinda huge. that is really my only issue. The logo on the back is also crooked and it doesn't really look intentional. The cover art is somehow psychedelic yet pulled from the gutter. It's a sort of sloppy collage that has so many strange digital cuts and weird choices that I kinda love it. The bugged out colors on the front perfectly match the crazy colored vinyl that comes with this. Husk Records always puts out releases you should buy and this is no exception. If you could just subscribe to Husk you would not be disappointed. 



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