Friday, January 11, 2013

Seagull Overseas "Last Train Home" cs

Seagull Overseas
Last Train Home
Besotis Besarmatis

Not a bad combination of drone/noise and electronic music. The first and second track are so different I had to take notice. The first song has a Cocteau Twins sort of vibe while the second track feels a lot more like a sad drone that falls into the type of noise wind on a microphone makes. I wanted to write it off at first as something I wasn't' into but after hearing the first few tracks I could easily see this being released on Brave Mysteries of one of those labels with a wide variety of sounds. This is not a bad release and maybe the first thing I have reviewed from Lithuania. 

     The packaging is not bad. I can tell this is a memorex tape or something but they did something different. They printed a sticked that covers almost the entire tape from the bottom, over the top and back around. They even put information on that top "spine". They also made a j card that goes almost all the way around and then closed it so the pegs from the case burst through the paper. Punk but not that attractive and also it seems out of place. 

I would pick this up though...

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