Saturday, January 19, 2013

Highgate LP

Vendetta Records

The first thing I heard from Highgate was their excellent split 7" with Ghast on Pesanta Urfolk. This is a much earlier album but it is no less heavy. Epic blackened doom tracks with completely deranged vocals. Lots of space and texture made with only two guitars and a drum set. I think most people who dig Mournful Congregation, Neurosis, Grief and Shining Ones will find something to really enjoy here. Not to say they really sound exactly like any of those bands. It's quite unique. Good riffs and good taste. 

     Pretty much standard heavy music layout. Nothing really jumps out as outstanding or horrible as far as the text and artwork goes but little details like having the inside of the jacket be solid black is nice. This is just the beginning.

Start here with this band. Available here as well. 

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