Friday, January 11, 2013

Ballerina in Blood // Vasectomy Party split 3"cdr

Ballerina in Blood // Vasectomy Party
Forever Escaping Boredom Records

There is almost nothing in this world as therapeutic to me as harsh noise. Nothing reminds me that everything in my life could be so much worse. It's like audio perspective. It's the worst part of all of us and that makes me feel so good. It's like a blanket of hell. Ballerina in Blood has made me feel quite a bit better today. $1000 bill from the IRS? Well, that is a distant memory for at least 3 min. Vasectomy Party also brings the HNW destruction and I love them for it. I am not as into the very long sample from some movie about crime at the beginning that I can't quite place but it is handled pretty awesome. I guess it works pretty well, so I will give that one to them as a decent use of a sample. 

     It looks okay. I have never really been into the splits where the front and back covers are basically just two disparate front covers. The inside is fine. Nothing special. 

HNW this brutal is worth hearing… 

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