Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Winters in Osaka "never coming back" cs

Winters in Osaka
never coming back
self released

Really diverse sounds from Winters in Osaka. Starts off with a cold whirlwind and then fades into a sad sounding acoustic guitar. Vaguely reminiscent of LSD March before it falls into some gorgeous drones. Somewhere between the analog of throat singing and synths with the digital of sine waves and pedal effects. All used in a thoughtful and subtle way. Very restrained. I am not familiar with WIO yet but I imagine that the collaborators on this release did color the sounds a bit. Although with the collaborative efforts of Robbie Judkins, Jim Katatonic, Greg Ratajczak and A.C. Way there really is a focused singular vision. I am impressed. I am a little less then excited by the one sided cassette thing though. I never like that. Especially when reviewing, it just says to me, "I hope you love rewinding". I don't.

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