Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bonesfield/Facialmess "sabotage" cs

Bonesfield/Facialmess split cs
Phage Tapes

First of all this tape looks fucking cool. The artwork is totally wild. Super intricate machines that look like a Robotech version of biomechanics. It's crazy. The design of the tape is a little bit 90's but it's expertly done. The designer obviously had a vision when designing with Stumptown Printers' "Brad" cassette packaging. I would definitely pick one of these up, open it and marvel at the meticulous artwork and two color screen printing. Intense… Now onto the sounds. Bonesfield is pretty rad harsh electronics. Sounds a bit like more recent Merzbow with a heavy use of filters. The sounds on here tend to lean towards the techno side of noise. Imagine a touch of Aphex Twin with your harsh noise. I can imagine a pair of Akai samplers being played and manipulated. Lot's of dynamics throughout the 8 shorter tracks. It's basically a full length release on one side of the tape. With Facialmess you get a similar type of noise. I guess if Bonesfield has a touch of Aphex Twin then Facialmess has a more generous helping of Squarepusher. Still noise, no slap bass or break beats but you get these glitchy stuttering bursts with a lot more empty spaces. There is quite a bit of samples and you all know how I feel about samples at this point. On this release they do create an interesting narrative, but they don't really seem to go anywhere after you get through the four tracks. Well worth checking out though.

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