Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lord Time "forgotten future" cs

Lord Time
forgotten future
universal consciousness

This is Black Metal. As a genre that has been co-opted and redefined many times, I feel that people spend a lot of time and energy on how legitimate someone's version of Black Metal is. It seems like a waste of time because even the most "trve" black metal can either sound like Bathory or it can sound like atmospheric ambient stuff and still hit the mark. People will argue about whether Wolves in the Throne Room are black metal or grey metal or if Deathspell Omega is still, or ever was, black metal. I don't know nor do i care. Black Metal is like pornography; you know it when you hear it. Lord time is most definitely Black Metal. I would almost put it in with the Les L├ęgions Noires type of stuff sonically. It's a little crusty, a little atmospheric and also is self described as "bedroom black metal". I assume that refers to the recording quality. Very lo fi and awesome. The guitars, which are nice and loud in the mix, are obviously played through a sans amp into a board or possibly mic'd poorly through a small practice amp with everything set at 2. It sounds gritty as hell. Excellent short tracks of fast and fucked up sounds. Often accompanied by samples of distant chants and walls of harsh static. Same songs on both sides but the song order and the overall sound is totally different. Lord Time is the solo work of Andorkappen from the group Harassor. I myself have never heard of Harassor but I think I need to check this group out. Lots of creativity but with a level of reverence to the founders of Black Metal. Really nice letterpresses j cards and good design. Oh yeah, there is also blood smeared on the cassette. So, yeah. Fuck.

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