Thursday, March 24, 2011

6335/dBpm/Silver Antlers/Transcode 4-way split cs

6335/dBpm/Silver Antlers/Transcode split cs
Chthonic Records

Utah has some pretty killer sounds coming out of it these days. This four way split is made up of 75% Utah acts and it's a pretty awesome cross section of potential. 6335 starts out with what i think is a live performance full of ever shifting waves of distortion and glitches before settling into some restrained drones. The audio on this is a little lacking but I assume that is the live quality of the recording. dBpm is very beautiful. Reminds me a bit of Sigur Ros' approach to drone and ambient. Silver Antlers (who I believe is the only non Utah based project) delivers a track that sounds very professional and has a touch of rhythm throughout it. It leans a bit towards a Brian Eno style of minimal electronic. Finally, Transcode sounds like they took a song with piano, acoustic guitars, drums and horns and completely destroyed it. Cut up sounds start out the chaos before super restrained tones finish off this release. Well done. The packaging is simple and very dig. Everything is handwritten, the outside, the insert and all done with a Bic pen. The outsides are spraypainted as are the tapes. You will also receive a download code, so that rules. Limited to 40 copies.

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  1. I think they're all from Utah -- I played with Silver Antlers in SLC on tour a few months ago. I'm playing at the guy who runs this label's house in two months as well. Cool city.