Saturday, March 5, 2011

Moonknight "toplov" cs

Universal Consciousness

I don't think this has anything to do with Jewish super hero Marc Spector or the Egyptian god Khonshu but it is excellent Black Metal from the label Universal Consciousness. Similar to Lord Time in it's amazing lo fi "bedroom Black Metal" sound but goes in a totally different direction. The songs are very morose and sad. Longer more restrained guitar riffs and more present vocals. I am not as big a fan of the black metal production thing where vocals are the loudest thing in the mix. It really just kinda makes the guitars sound quiet and not tough at all. That is not a constant on this recording; only a couple times does that come up and it's used to a pretty interesting effect. I do prefer the other tracks where the vocals sit nicely in the music. I guess this is another member from Harassor who goes by the moniker Lord Foul or possibly James Brown III. Either way he has a very competent approach to the song writing on this record. It was described as "Shoegaze Black Metal" and although I have never heard that before I can see why. The epic nature of the riffs, the melancholy feeling, the walls of distortion and raw nature of the recording certainly bring a level of "shoegaze" to mind. I really suggest checking out this cassette and the Lord Time one mentioned below. Both limited to 100 copies.


  1. I wish you posted a download, or at least where to find the tapes.

  2. oh, if you look to the right in the "reviewed labels" section you will see this label. Follow the link to the awesome label that is Universal Consciousness.