Thursday, March 3, 2011

Slicing Grandpa/Dried Up Corpse split cs

Slicing Grandpa/Dried Up Corpse split cs
self released

Well, there little to no information on this tape. The cover is a still from that scene in The Shining where the elevators spill blood everywhere. So it's go that going for it. It's still a nicely printed cover just with no text anywhere on it. The tape itself has both projects names scrawled in pen on the cassette itself. I think the Slicing Grandpa side was recorded live. It is very lo fi and has some strange distant vocals and drums. I appreciate this type of recording. It's raw and mesmerizing. I am usually not a fan of drums being used in noise but i think due to the recording quality it creates an almost Crash Worship live bootleg kind of vibe. Dried Up Corpse is as usual totally brutal. Stan Reed's work is so focused that you start to get the feeling that it's all part of a larger singular work. I bet if you listen to all of it in order you will open a portal to hell like in the Hellraiser comics. No idea how to acquire this tape or how many were made.

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