Thursday, April 9, 2015

Troy Schafer—Rigid Oppression biz card cdr

Troy Schafer
Rigid Oppression 
Aetheric Records

Wow, I really dig Troy Schafer. This is the second thing I have heard from him lately and it’s also excellent. More explorations of objects and the noise they make. This sounds like it might be more of his violin work an dI need to hear more. Piercing is one of my favorite descriptors and it pertains to this quite well but there is something else. A sort of breaking-down sound that sounds like micro-erosion on an audio level. Does that make sense? Maybe you should just hear it.

The packaging is very simple but works well. The type is nice—although center justified text is really only for wedding invites—and the art on front is pretty cool. The only issue is that the insert is about 1/4” too small for the sleeve and that looks a little sloppy. 

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