Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sult—Svimmelhed cd

Conrad Sound

This is the type of free jazz that is rarely any good. There have been great moments in this type of thing, I’m thinking of John Zorn and some stuff by Trevor Dunn but usually this type of thing just sounds like some noise guys decided that no knowing how to play their instruments was a positive and needed to jam out for awhile. Usually a very long while. Sult is not like that at all. Sult is fantastic. This album sounds so amazing that you really hear the instruments moving through the air as they play. The sound is captured perfectly. The music itself is really challenging and intense. I really can’t stop listening to this. There si a track at the end of the cd where the giant contrabasses will destroy your speakers with acoustic horror. I love this. 

It looks pretty good too. It was designed by Lasse Marhaug so it has that sort of simple and clean look that he loves. It’s well done if not a little overly simple. 

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