Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nundata+Visdomstann—Mitochondrial DNA 3" cdr

Mitochondrial DNA
Petite Soles

I’m a huge fan of 3” cdrs as a format. There are a lot of cool packaging ideas with such a small disc.  I’m a little disappointed that with this release they didn’t seem to take advantage of that. There is something to be said for down and dirty packaging. I don’t even mind that they didn’t even stamp the cdr itself but it has this “good enough” feeling to it. The art is fine and there is so little type that I can’t really critique the typography so there’s that. 

Musically it’s pretty straightforward brittle noise but it does have this relentless piercing sound that I find pretty pleasurable. There was definitely some good thought put into the audio. This was perfect for listening to first thing in the morning. 

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