Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pornography—Hex/Golden Sunshine lathe cut 7”

Hex/Golden Sunshine lathe cut 7”
Rot Iron

I really enjoy Pornography. Yup. I had to type that and I am pretty ashamed. Fucking Anderson. Anyhow, This is great but if you are a fan of Toadliquor and Eyehategod you probably know all about this band and also love them. These are two excellent tracks with some pretty wonderfully nihilistic lyrics:

“I’ve spent the last decade wanting to die
I don’t have a future
I have to be stopped…”

This type of thing takes me back to the heyday of Pessimiser/Theologian 7”s arriving in my mailbox. The lathe is well cut by and I fully recommend them. The square 7” also come with a cdr so you can put it in your phone and be lame. Good layout. Good music. 

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