Thursday, April 9, 2015

Meridian Arc—Phase I–V cs

Meridian Arc
Phase I–V
Broken Press

ignore my paint covered table

This is Andrew Crawshaw’s first foray into solo synth music and it’s pretty god damn good. It took me awhile to find the time to sit with this and listen and I have to say that I am pretty impressed. Andrew definitely has, over the last handful of years, really become quite fluent in synth music. He has an impressive collection of music that pretty much all of us should be envious of. This has been more than just diversion or entertainment for Andrew though, this has been an education. His work on this cassette is very sophisticated for a first release and I’m very excited to hear where he takes this project. Definitely think Klaus Shulze or John Carpenter. I should say that the second phase is when this release really starts to completely rule. You should check out this article in Seattle’s The Stranger for more insight. 

Visually it’s simple but very strong. The cassettes that Andrew is putting out now all have a uniform look and it’s awesome. The kind that makes you want to own all of them so you can see them all lined up when you have bought 100 of them. Anyhow, find this.

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