Friday, December 21, 2012

Sunn0))) "Rehearsal Demo Nov. 11th 2011" lp

Rehearsal Demo Nov. 11th 2011
Southern Lord // Ideologic Organ

This is my favorite sort of Sunn0))); Atilla is incredible, I love when Steve Moore or Bill Herzog join the fray. I can get behind Joe Preston or Tad Doyle adding chaos but when it comes down to it Sunn is best when it is just two guitars in a big room. This rehearsal demo sounds much better than any rehearsal demo I have ever heard and I wonder if they didn't actually intend from the beginning to release this but it's great. This is the type of piece where two guys playing guitars simultaneously, with riffs that span minutes and rarely repeat in any noticeable way, can really impress you with their ability. I think some people believe Sunn is just random chords and a whole lot of drama to cover over the "trick" but I think this record should be able to prove most deniers wrong. In fact there are a lot of kids who worship Sunn and think that they can do it if they just buy a bunch of Model T heads and have the audacity to play this loud but they are also wrong. This takes skill, taste and talent and I think this may be one of my favorite releases from Steve and Greg. The only unusual thing is that there are samples at the beginning of every track. I don't usually get with samples but I have to say that these rule. A lot.  

     The packaging is simple and perfect. Excellent image on the front, handled well with mostly handrawn text on the back. Foil stamped number on the cover along with a solid black record devoid of any printing. Perfect. 

I would buy this. 

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