Friday, December 21, 2012

Nite Shadz "Black Holes for the Face and a Graveyard" cs

Nite Shadz
Black Holes for the Face and a Graveyard
Out of Body Records

I just watched that documentary Scratch last night, and although I enjoyed it, I felt it was missing out on a lot of the more experimental and original sides of the genre. Nite Shadez is more about synth music with synth pad beats but it definitely reminds me of what I would like to hear from turntablism or whatever it's called these days. It's dark, noisy tones with super harsh and cut apart beats beneath it. It has a mass to it that feels like there is now a weirdo standing in my living room staring at my children when I play it. I have to keep checking. It's weird. Inside it says "play loud with sunglasses on. Dark day, Bright Nite". I think that about covers it. It's awesome. 

     It has that cool cohesive look with all the other Out of Body Records look but this cassette also has a transparent outer sleeve with wild drawings. Inside is a separate info sheet and a sticker of a marijuana leaf. Oh yeah, pot is legal here now. 

I would buy this.

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