Friday, December 21, 2012

Limbs Bin "Primitive Response" 7"

Limbs Bin
Primitive Response
Familiar Combatants/Tickled Meat

This 7" has an awesome Man is the Bastard vibe that has totally reminded me how much amazing shit is sitting in my record collection right now. Limbs Bin may belong right next to it. Harsh noise with lots of heavy beats are accompanied by some very intense vocals. Definitely singing about something horrible. There are a couple minutes when the drums sound a little weak but all in all I think this is a killer 7" well worth your time. 

     The packaging itself looks great. They were able to take a simple xeroxed card stock paper and make it into something much more. It unfolds into this cross shape that is pretty inventive yet simple. I am looking forward to more releases from the Western Massachusetts artist. 

Get one. Here.

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